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Complaint Process

If you have a complaint against an embalmer that you would like the Board to review, you must put your complaint in writing and send it to the Board at the following address. Include any supportive documents you may have. All complaints must be signed. The Board will not review unsigned complaints, verbal complaints, or complaints filed anonymously. Once the Board has received the complaint, the members will review it at the next scheduled meeting. The President of the Board will then assign a Board member as an investigator. If necessary the investigator will contact both the complainant and the embalmer complained against. The investigator will then make a recommendation to the whole Board as to what the appropriate action should be. This action may be to dismiss the complaint for lack of clear and convincing evidence or lack of jurisdiction, to contract with a professional investigator to collect additional information, or to proceed with disciplinary action. You will be fully advised as to the Board’s final action concerning your complaint. If this matter were to develop into a contested case hearing the embalmer would be provided a copy of your complaint and it would also be necessary for you to appear as a witness to substantiate your complaint.

Complaint Form and Instructions

Contact Information
    JoAnn M. Reid
    Emerson Building, Rm 104
    2001 Capitol Avenue
    Cheyenne, WY 82002
    Phone: 307-777-3507
    Fax: 307-777-3508