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Veterinarian Complaint Process

All complaints against a licensee shall be filed with the Board in writing on a Complaint Form and shall contain:
  1. Name and address of licensee;
  2. Name, address and telephone number of complainant;
  3. Nature of alleged violations;
  4. A short and concise statement of facts relating to the alleged violations; and
  5. Signature of complainant.
The licensee will be sent a letter, with a copy of the complaint, informing them that a complaint has been received. The licensee is asked to respond to the alleged violations within 20 days. Upon receipt of the response the Board shall consider the complaint to determine if further investigation of the matter is warranted. If further investigation is deemed necessary, the Board shall assign an investigation committee comprised of one or two Board members or other individual and a representative of the Attorney General's Office.

You will be fully advised as to the Board's final action concerning the complaint. If this matter were to develop into a contested case hearing it would be necessary for you to appear as a witness to substantiate your complaint. If you have further questions or wish to file a complaint contact:

Complaint Form (.PDF File)

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